Reports you create with InstantAtlas Report Builder always have URLs of the form:«report-id»/

For example:

URLs with the format«report-id» are an alias which simplifies integration with ArcGIS Online.

This URL is for the index page, which by default shows a map and (optionally) a list of all the features in your webmap with links to your report for each feature. Each feature report has its own URL of form:«report-id»/«feature-id»

For example:

If, however, your feature layer contains a large number of features (too many to show all of them in a webmap at once) and/or you have applied scale thresholding to your webmap then the index page may not be suitable. In this case you can link directly from the webmap using the«report-id»/«feature-id» and custom pop-ups. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. webmap-configure-pop-up-1Open your webmap in the ArcGIS Online map viewer
  2. Click on the More Options link for the feature layer you are using for your report and in the menu click Configure Pop-up – this will show the Configure Pop-up panel
  3. In the Display drop-down choose A custom  attribute display
  4. Click the Configure button
  5. webmap-configure-pop-up-2In the Custom Attribute Display dialog type the text you want to show in the pop-up
  6. Select the text you want to use to link to your report, then click the Link button
  7. In the Link Properties, enter the index URL of your report and then use the [+] button to add the field value that uniquely identifies your features, for example:{ABBREV}
  8. Click OK to close this dialog, then click Save Pop-up
  9. Click on a feature in the map and check the link