Text Rules

For Text and Text Box widgets, it is possible to define rules which allow you to display different text based on a data value for example. Click the Edit Text Rules button (calculator) in the toolbar that shows above the widget when you are editing the text. The Edit Text Rules window will open.

Report Builder for ArcGIS Edit Text Rules screen

You will see a ‘Default’ tab which contains the standard or default text of the widget. You can then add a rule by clicking the + button to add a new tab. Create the rule by choosing a value by typing a variable into the first box from the left, choosing an operator in the second box and typing a value into the third box (and optionally a scale factor in the fourth box).

You can use the arrow to the right of the first box to add a Feature ID, Feature Name or Indicator Value variable. If you choose Indicator Value, the Choose Indicator Value window will open and you can browse your data to select an indicator to use.

Report Builder for ArcGIS Choose Indicator Value screen

Once you have created your rule, edit the text that will be shown by clicking on it. Your finished rule may look like this.

Report Builder for ArcGIS Edit Text Rules screen

You can create add as many rules as you need. When you have finished creating your rules, click the Apply button. When you view your report, the text shown in this widget will change according to the rule(s) you created.