The Text widget has an extra button in the widget toolbar when selected – Edit text and rules. When clicked, this button allows you to type your text directly into the widget. The toolbar that shows above the widget allows you to add formatting and to insert variables.

Add text widget to web map report



You can add variables to your text that will dynamically insert values such as the feature name, indicator name or latest value. The buttons to add variables in the toolbar shown above are Insert feature value and Insert indicator value. These allow you to easily insert pre-defined variables. You can also add variables to your text widget manually by simply typing them in – refer to the Variables page for information on the possible values.

Text Rules

For Text widgets, it is possible to define rules which allow you to display different text based on a data value for example. Click the Edit text rules button in the text editor toolbar that shows above the widget when you are editing the text. The Edit text rules window will open. For more information on this window visit the Text Rules page.